We've been keeping a keen eye on Toy Soldiers HD for a while now, which is an HD remaster of the popular 2010 Xbox 360 game, but unfortunately its release date has been pushed back a bit further until October 21.

The reason is to ensure the game gets a simultaneous release across all platforms (including PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch), as well as to address some minor issues such as leaderboards displaying incorrectly.

"We are fixing the leaderboard right now. We are absolutely positive we will release on October 21."

If you don't remember it, Toy Soldiers was one of the beloved games of the Xbox Live Arcade era on Xbox 360, releasing in 2010 and going on to acquire nearly 4 million players. The HD version includes improved gameplay, never-before played content, enhanced HD graphics, improved camera and sound, and all previously released DLC.

In anticipation of the release, you can check out nine minutes of gameplay footage in the video above.

"Toy Soldiers HD is the digital embodiment of our childhood imagination complete with authentic WWI sights and sounds. WWI toy army men and military vehicles. First and third-person perspective. Single and multiplayer gameplay. Strategic military tower defense combined with FPS-like action."

Will you be returning to the battlefield with Toy Soldiers HD this October? Tell us down below.