Ahoy! Another season of Sea of Thieves is now live for all players, bringing a new area to explore known as the Sunken Kingdom.

The area was previously seen during a Tall Tale in Season Three, but now players can dive in to discover all its secrets and treasures. Hidden within are six Siren Shrines, each equipped with a puzzle to solve to earn some treasure. There's also Siren Treasuries, where groups will be tasked to take on waves of enemies to obtain new Coral treasures.

Along with that, new events, seasonal rewards and an overhaul to the Trials and Deeds system have been implemented.

To help players progress through the season's 100 levels, Trails and Deeds have been made much more manageable. When logging in, it's said a "wider range of regularly rotating Deeds [will] now expand the ways in which players can boost their Renown". These Daily Deeds will bring smaller challenges, whilst the weekly, monthly and Seasonal Trials aim to have much bigger objectives for larger rewards.

Season Four looks to continue a phenomenal year for Sea of Thieves, which has not only seen the introduction of the multiple seasons, but also a huge Pirates of the Caribbean expansion. It seems like Rare has no intention of slowing down when it comes to the game, and we can't wait to see what the team has up its sleeve next.

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