Here’s What The Critics Are Saying About Sable On Xbox Game Pass
Image: Raw Fury

Sable launched on Xbox Game Pass today, and with it, reviews have trickled in for the much-anticipated indie title.

With a unique art style, world design and narrative, is Sable worth your time downloading? Or is it one to add to your never-ending backlog? Let's see what the critics are saying about Sable on Xbox Game Pass:

GamesRadar (4/5)

"I bloody hate fetch quests, which is one of the biggest compliments I can pay Sable. Because in Shedworks and Raw Fury’s stunning non-combative open-world exploration game, much of its glorious map surveying unfolds via a catalog of side-missions, wherein you’re regularly asked to visit far-flung locations, grab mysterious artifacts, and return them to whimsical people. And it’s brilliant. Why? Because Sable’s writing is sharp, its characters are endearing, and its world is just so, so beautiful."

The Xbox Hub (4/5)

"While I’ve gushed about almost every part of Sable, it’s not a perfect adventure… yet. There are some pretty annoying performance issues on Xbox leading to audio stutters, noticeable framerate drops and one or two bugs that had me reboot the game. None of the problems were enough to hinder my enjoyment but Sable’s aesthetic is so integral to the experience that I’d recommend waiting for an update to play Sable in its optimal state."

Gaming Bible (7/10)

"Perhaps it's the writing, or those aforementioned best moments, or more likely some potent combination of factors, but Sable is special. I can feel it, still, hours after putting the pad down; the sensation of riding a geyser to a mountain peak, the crack of the crystal pillar under my avatar's feet. That golden sunrise breathing warmth back into this world. At the risk of repeating myself, it absolutely deserves to be played - just maybe not right now, and not quite like this."

IGN (7/10)

"Sable’s unique art style, memorable characters and quests, and engaging open-ended formula are going to stick with me for a long time. But the numerous technical issues, wonky camera, and bland puzzles all make this otherwise compelling odyssey a lot rockier. Those issues can be frustratingly frequent distractions, but when they did manage to fade into the background I found myself mesmerized by Sable’s bizarre world of creepy worms, masked weirdos, and hoverbikes."

Windows Central (7/10)

"Overall, Sable is a great game and one I thoroughly enjoyed my time with. There's a lot of secrets hidden throughout Midden and while I found quite a bit, I'm looking forward to seeing if there's anything I missed.

At the same time, the stuttering issue impacting performance and the other bugs present in the game right now just bring the overall experience down, especially given the frequent nature of said issues. Hopefully, this is something the developers can address soon."

Metro (5/10)

"Shedworks has done some incredible work here – the game world might not be as large as Breath Of The Wild but it’s still huge and the visuals never stop being impressive. It’s also hard not to appreciate what the developers are doing with the gameplay and structure but at some point they needed to take a step back and ask themselves whether what they were building was in any way entertaining and, unfortunately, the frequent answer to that is no, it isn’t."

It seems Sable is promising, however technical issues are abundant at present which appear to be stalling a few reviewers from singing its praises. All have noted how patches are on the way, so it may be worth holding out.

As it stands, Sable is currently sitting at a Metacritic rating of 66 for Xbox (11 reviews) and 77 for PC (27 reviews).

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How Are You Getting On With Sable So Far?