THQ Nordic gave us the surprise announcement today as part of its digital showcase that Outcast 2: A New Beginning - a sequel to the 1999 original (which was later remade for Xbox One) - is coming to Xbox Series X and Series S.

The game is being developed by the team behind that original title (Appeal Studios from Belgium), and is an open-world action-adventure featuring "fast-paced 3rd person combat as well as a non-linear Science-Fantasy story with dynamic plot progress based on player actions." Here's what the official description says about it:

"The original team behind Outcast 1 has reunited to create this fascinating world, full of dangerous creatures and home to the Talan people – an ancient culture whose fate has become inextricably linked with earth since the events of the first game. You play as Cutter Slade, ex-Navy SEAL, sporting the same dry wit he had back in the 90s – however, the world around him has changed and eventually, so will he."

Few other details have been provided about Outcast 2 at the time of writing, and like many other games in the digital showcase, it's been slapped with a "coming soon" release date, with no further specifics available for now.

That said, we did get an extra in-game "world trailer" during the event, which you can watch below.

Interested in picking up Outcast 2: A New Beginning when it arrives for Xbox? Let us know in the comments.