Xbox Is Now A Much More Central Part Of The Company
Image: Microsoft

It's been clear in recent years that Microsoft is putting a bigger emphasis on Xbox. From huge studio acquisitions such as Bethesda to introducing Xbox Game Pass, the company is working hard to involve the brand in its ecosystem. This is something Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has publicly acknowledged, recently claiming Xbox has become "much more central" to the company.

As part of Vox Media’s Code Conference, a series of red chair interviews with powerful leaders in the world of tech, Nadella was one of the many figures interviewed. While the conversation itself is locked behind a paywall, some key quotes have surfaced from the chat, including a comment about Microsoft's views on Xbox today.

Nadella stated that "Xbox was [previously a] part of Microsoft", but in recent years has become more central:

These new comments reiterate something Nadella confirmed in the past. Back in June, a video featuring himself and Xbox head Phil Spencer was released, discussing how Microsoft will drive Xbox forward. At the time, Nadella stated that "as a company, Microsoft’s all-in on gaming".

He also added: "There are really three, I think, areas or key areas where we believe we have an incredible competitive advantage. First is our leadership in cloud computing; second, the resources we have to build out the subscription value with Xbox Game Pass; and third is our overall focus on empowering creators. I’m really excited about the opportunity in gaming."

With such a bright future ahead for Xbox, including multiple first-party titles and frequent additions to Xbox Game Pass, it's clear the sentiment Nadella is stating is true. The Xbox brand has a huge amount of momentum behind it, and hopefully, it continues to deliver in the future. The sky's the limit!

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