Lawn Mowing Simulator (Briefly) Beat COD: Warzone On Twitch

Regardless of what you think of Lawn Mowing Simulator, there's no doubt it proved a relative hit when it launched for Xbox Series X, Series S and PC back in August - in fact, it even briefly beat COD: Warzone for viewers on Twitch!

This little fact was shared by the development team at Skyhook in a new blog post, revealing that at one point, Lawn Mowing Simulator was being watched by 66.8k viewers on Twitch, while Warzone was sitting at 53.5k.

That's a heck of a lot of people who want to watch someone cut the grass...

In the same blog post, Skyhook talked about how "the incredible response to our love-letter to British lawn-cutting has blown us away", enthusing that "we’ve always known we’ve had the spirit, skills, and smarts to make our very own games… and Lawn Mowing Simulator sure has us off to a lush start."

We had a chance to review Lawn Mowing Simulator prior to launch and legitimately enjoyed it, calling it "a worthy purchase if you're keenly interested". Now we're just waiting for it to bring its lawnmowers to Xbox Game Pass...

Have you been mowing the virtual lawns with Lawn Mowing Simulator on Xbox Series X or Series S? Tell us below.