It's Officially Been A Year Since Xbox And Bethesda Joined Forces
Image: Microsoft

This time last year it was just a normal September day until Xbox decided to shake up the games industry forever. In a shock announcement, Xbox revealed it had acquired ZeniMax Media, the parent company of Bethesda Softworks. As a result, developers such as Bethesda, id Software, Arkane and Tango Gameworks were all now going to fall under the Xbox Game Studios umbrella, and the rest is history.

A year later, the gargantuan $7.5 billion deal has since been fully approved. Tons of the company's games have hit Xbox Game Pass, we've discovered that certain future titles will be exclusives, and new IPs such as Indiana Jones have been announced. It's been a rollercoaster of a time, and one that has paved the way for a very bright future.

There's loads of fantastic looking games on the horizon, including Xbox exclusives such as Redfall and of course, Starfield. MachineGames is working on that aforementioned Indiana Jones game, although it's still in very early development.

No doubt the future will also see the return of other exceptional franchises such as Wolfenstein and DOOM. We're also waiting on Deathloop's timed exclusive deal with PlayStation to end and see its inevitable inclusion into Xbox Game Pass. Ghostwire: Tokyo is another title which is following a similar pattern.

While we still have many questions about the acquisition, there's no doubt it's paved an exciting future for Xbox fans, and while we haven't seen the full benefits yet, there's a ridiculous amount of stuff to look forward to.

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