We've known for a while now that Echo Generation was coming to Xbox in 2021, and now we've got confirmation that the turn-based adventure will also be arriving with Xbox Game Pass for console, PC and cloud at launch on October 21.

The game is set in the summer of 1993, and sees you and your friends setting out to investigate the source of a mysterious crash. You'll complete quests, battle monsters and level up your party to save your hometown from danger in a heroic tale of childhood adventures.

If you prefer, it'll also be available to purchase separately at launch for $24.99.

"Echo Generation pulls at the heartstrings of nostalgia and recreates memories of unforgettable summers inspired by classic coming-of-age films and horror novels from the 80s and 90s. Synthwave tunes help craft an uncannily atmospheric, playfully creepy, and vibrant voxel-based world, brought to life in stunning 4K resolution and 60 fps on Xbox Series X."

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