Halo Needler Controller
Image: @POPeART_

Xbox isn't the only one rolling out Halo-themed hardware and accessories ahead of the release of Halo Infinite. The talented creator POPeART (formerly known as Xbox Pope) is at it again - this time with the "Needler Elite V2".

It's the same pattern we saw early on in August but instead of the standard Xbox Series X|S controller, it's the series 2 version of the Elite controller - featuring the grips, fancier controller pad, coloured paddles and all the other extras.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, this controller might also eventually be purchasable, according to the creator:

The standard Xbox Series X|S model of this controller is priced at a fairly eye-watering $149.99 USD, so who knows how much more this could potentially cost. Standard Elite controllers are usually priced at around $179.99 USD...

Would you be interested in a Needler-themed Xbox Elite 2 controller? Tell us down below.