Call Of Duty: Vanguard Suffers Reports Of Visual Glitches On Xbox Series X|S

Call of Duty: Vanguard's pre-order beta kicked off last night on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but unfortunately it's been suffering from reports of visual glitches on both consoles, centred around playing at 120 frames per-second.

Videos are strewn across YouTube and Twitter of bizarre graphical bugs, such as the one below:

Developer Sledgehammer Games took to Twitter to acknowledge the reports, announcing it was "investigating the issue", and then determining that the problems were "solely based on the 120hz setting regardless of resolution".

"We have confirmed that the Xbox graphical error is solely based on the 120hz setting regardless of resolution, matching the feedback on this thread. Thank you for your reports."

It's not the best start for COD: Vanguard on Xbox, then, but at least it's just the beta, and Xbox One users don't seem to have been affected by any issues whatsoever. If you fancy giving it a try for yourself, the free Open Beta begins this Saturday and runs until next Monday, and you should be able to pre-load it now using the Xbox mobile app.

Have you been running into issues with the COD: Vanguard beta? Let us know down in the comments.