Unity Update Means Xbox Developers May Require A Paid License To Create Games

Unity has changed its terms, meaning a Pro license or Preferred Platform License Key will be needed to continue developing games for Xbox - something Microsoft reportedly does not offer to developers.

The report comes from Gamasutra, which claims the keys are gifted to developers by Nintendo and Sony, but Microsoft doesn't offer the same privilege. As a result, creators would need to purchase a Pro license to continue developing games for Xbox systems, which retails at $1,800 per year.

"A Unity spokesperson confirmed to Gamasutra that the change took place, explaining that 'developing for consoles is a complex undertaking for any studio and Unity has always recommended Unity Pro for development on these platforms.'

The spokesperson also stressed that the change is for new developers working on new platform-approved projects that update to the 2021.2 tech stream. If your game is currently in development on an older version of Unity, you don’t need Unity Pro at this time.'

A Microsoft spokesperson spoke to the publication about the changes, but failed to confirm whether the company would be issuing its own Preferred Platform License Key program for developers.

“We will continue to work with our development partners and engine providers, including Unity, to determine how to best support creators on Xbox.”

“[Microsoft is] deeply committed to independent developers and with our prioritization of the community accelerating, ensuring they have a clear path to success on Xbox and Windows.”

If developers are forced to purchase the license then this could mean certain games, especially indies, fail to make it to the Xbox platform. Hopefully the situation is resolved in a way that ensures developers can easily create their games for Xbox via Unity, as it would be a real shame to miss out on potential future releases.

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