Halo Infinite Looks Set To Include A Photo Mode
Image: 343 Industries

Photo modes have blown up in recent years. As games continuously look prettier than ever before, it's no surprise more and more developers are adding the feature into their games. Now, with Halo Infinite on the horizon, it looks as though it's also set to feature a photo mode, at least according to a recent data mine.

The information comes from the Twitter account NewHaloLeaks, which has been continuously diving into the game's files since the multiplayer technical preview. Their latest discovery has seemingly uncovered a photo mode residing within the data, as various key phrases such as "choose a filter to add before taking your photo" have emerged.


With the continuing work on photo modes over the years, we're expecting Halo Infinite to pack a decent one. Judging by this alleged leak, it seems we'll have tons of options to play with, perfect for showing off our unique armour sets. We're sure the campaign will also pack some beautiful vistas that are worth snapping too!

Are you hoping Halo Infinite will be packing a photo mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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