We're not sure anything can top the Xbox All Access music video featuring "R&B sensation" All-4-One that Xbox dropped back in July, but the marketing team is back again anyway with another comical music video, this time promoting Xbox Game Pass with a ridiculously catchy tune and even on-screen lyrics so you can sing along to it!

Thanks to Xbox head Phil Spencer, we now know that the singer in this video is Xbox chief marketing officer Jerret West, who humorously suggested "the chorus would’ve been stronger if we kept the lion roar in and Cortana vocals."

As you can imagine, the response to the video has been highly positive, with the top-voted YouTube comments praising the Xbox marketing team for "killing it" at the moment. There are also a ton of requests for the song to be added to Spotify, so as silly as it might be, people really do want to keep listening to this over and over again! Nice work, Jerret...

"The future of the Xbox Game Pass catalog is bright and super catchy.

Feel free to replay this until you've memorized the entire song."

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