Image: @Microsoft

With Xbox lately, a lot of things have been born out of a meme...Craig the Brute, a fully functioning Xbox mini fridge - so what's next?

Video game accessory maker Astro Gaming shared the following mock-up of a Halo Infinite multiplayer avatar holding a rather interesting personal AI - Clippit also known as 'Clippy' the Microsoft Office assistant.

This tweet has now generated so much interest from Xbox fans that the official Halo account has responded - noting how Clippy is more than ready for battle:

If you're old enough to remember, you'll no doubt have memories of this mascot popping up in programs like Microsoft Word.

In Halo Infinite, personal AI companions will allow you to personalise your own experience - as it shares vital information with you on the battlefield.

Just last month, Microsoft asked fans to get 20k Likes on the following tweet (below) if they would like to see Clippy return in Microsoft 365 as an emoji. As you can see, they well and truly exceeded the requirement.

Would you like to see Clippy make its way to Halo Infinite? Do you think it's ready for battle? Leave a comment below.