Aww, You'll Get Your Very Own Personal AI Companion In Halo Infinite Multiplayer

We've been treated to a huge ton of Halo Infinite details this week - specifically multiplayer. But out of everything revealed, having your own Personal AI in multiplayer matches has absolutely got to be one of the best inclusions.

This isn't just a cute, cuddly companion you'll want to protect with your life. It's actually quite a useful feature to use in-game and will communicate vital information to you throughout matches. An example of this was shown in today's deep dive video, which had the AI alert the player when a teammate had secured the flag and suggested they help in escorting it.

There's a reason it's called a "Personal" AI, as you'll be able to kit it out with a wide range of colours and cosmetics - you can even change its voice. Much like your Spartan, it'll come packed with tons of cosmetic options for you to really sink your teeth into.

It's looking to be a lovely new feature for Halo Infinite's multiplayer, and one we can't wait to deck out and make our own. The upcoming game is looking to be the full package and the definitive Halo experience.

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