Outriders Devs Are Yet To Earn Profits, Despite Huge Xbox Game Pass Launch
Image: People Can Fly

Outriders was a huge hit when it dropped onto Xbox Game Pass earlier this year. It skyrocketed to the top of the most played games chart and became a massive talking point in the Xbox community. It was a big win for Xbox owners, who were able to dive into a AAA third-party title on launch day, but it seems the developers at People Can Fly are yet to receive any royalties for the game.

As a translated statement reads via People Can Fly's investor website (thanks VGC), the developer arranged an agreement with Square Enix that would ensure it would receive royalties only after the costs of the game had been recouped. CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski claims the company does not have any sales data on Outriders as of yet, and suggested the lack of payment is most likely due to the game not being profitable.

"We don't have any sales figures for Outriders - we estimate it at between 2 and 3 million units and assumed that this was a result that would ensure profitability for this project in the first quarter of sales. The lack of payment by the Publisher probably means that, according to Square Enix, this is not the case."

Wojciechowski went on to suggest that Square Enix's partnerships, potentially including the Xbox Game Pass deal, could be part of the reason behind the studio not receiving royalty payments thus far.

"[It] may have been determined by some elements of Square Enix’s sales policy, the details of which we do not know, such as partnerships concluded by the publisher with distribution platforms or entities offering the Outriders game as an add-on to their products.”

While he didn't want to speculate, it's still believed that People Can Fly "will receive the first royalties from the sale of Outriders this year".

Interestingly, the game celebrated hitting 3.5 million players earlier this year and the Outriders IP was said to be looking to expand in the future. Whether People Can Fly's latest comments will have any impact on its future isn't clear, but hopefully the team can begin seeing the fruits of their labours soon.

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