Grand Theft Auto V Will Run At 4K/60fps On Xbox Series X And Series S
Image: Rockstar Games

We're only a few months from Grand Theft Auto V coming to Xbox Series X and Series S in the form of an 'Expanded and Enhanced' edition, but we're still yet to hear anything substantial about the game. However, we now appear to know its most basic specifications (for Xbox Series X, at least) thanks to a recent PlayStation Blog post.

The news comes from the German PlayStation Blog, which listed a rundown of games still scheduled to arrive before the year's end. Grand Theft Auto V was mentioned as coming to PlayStation 5, and the translated page confirmed the inclusion of a "crisp 4K resolution", along with "smooth 60fps" support.

While it's only been mentioned on the PlayStation Blog so far, we'd be very surprised if Xbox didn't receive the same treatment.

With the full launch arriving on November 11, we expect to hear more in the coming weeks. Take-Two Interactive recently claimed the next-gen version of the game will be "highly appealing" to Xbox Series X and Series S owners, so it sounds promising.

The only real concrete details we've had since its initial announcement is the news of select vehicles receiving upgrades unique to the next-gen launch of the game. We imagine there will be a lot more coming to the new version, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future for details.

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