2K CEO Believes GTA V Will Be 'Highly Appealing' To Xbox Series X And Series S Owners
Image: Rockstar Games

It's easy to forget a new version of Grand Theft Auto V is on the horizon for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but it's just a few short months away from gracing our consoles... again. Speaking about the game in a recent earnings call, Take-Two Interactive shared an interesting note about the enhanced edition.

Strauss Zelnick, the company's chairman and chief executive officer, spoke about the impressive sales of Grand Theft Auto V. Since its launch, the game has managed to shift over 150 million units, which prompted Zelnick to dig a tiny bit deeper into the next-gen release.

When asked whether sales of the game had dropped ahead of the next-gen launch, Zelnick claimed it was something the company couldn't really measure. That being said, with the game taking advantage of the Xbox Series X|S hardware, Zelnick stated that he views the enhanced version as "highly appealing" to next-gen consumers.

"We've sold in over 150 million units. So I'm not sure we've seen I'm not sure we could measure it in any case. I don't know — we have to do tailored research and it still wouldn't tell us that anything that we could do differently. But I remain of the view that the enhanced addition of Grand Theft Auto V will be highly appealing to consumers with next-gen platforms or now [current]-gen platforms."

It's already been revealed the next-gen release will exclusively receive select vehicles with "all new speed improvements and more", but we're still yet to see what else could be coming to the enhanced version. With the game arriving on November 11, we imagine it won't be too long before we start hearing more details.

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