Double Fine 'Doesn't Currently Have The Budget' To Add More Languages In Psychonauts 2

Double Fine and Xbox Game Studios' Psychonauts 2 has got off to an incredible start with critics and fans alike on Xbox Game Pass, but sadly not everyone has been enjoying it globally due to a lack of support for certain languages.

Since release, there have been calls for the likes of Russian and Chinese languages to be added to the game, but unfortunately Double Fine says that due to the amount of work and budget required, it hasn't been possible yet.

Here's what James Spafford, Double Fine community manager had to say prior to release:

"We would love to add more languages to Psychonauts 2, and we are investigating to see if that could be possible at some future time.

Script wise this is the largest game we’ve ever made and adding even one extra language would take a lot of work and a lot of extra budget that we currently do not have. To add languages that use entirely different alphabets and have other considerations is an even bigger job still.

We may get that chance, and we really really hope we do, but we can’t make any promises, and we also would not be able to do so in time for launch."

This message was shared on Double Fine's official forums a couple of weeks ago, but has only just started to get attention on social media, with lots of fans tagging the likes of Xbox head Phil Spencer and head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty on Twitter in a bid to get additional languages (and some extra budget) added to Psychonauts 2.

As mentioned in the tweet above, it may very well prove to be the case that Microsoft will allocate extra budget post-release to Psychonauts 2 for additional language support, especially considering the huge success of the game so far. We haven't heard anything yet, but we'll update you if anything changes regarding this situation.

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