Cris Tales Game Breaking Glitch Xbox Workaround

Update: Modus Games has dropped a patch for Cris Tales on Xbox, suggesting players should no longer run into the controller de-sync issue. We can confirm the update is now live and ready to download on Xbox Game Pass.

Original Story: Cris Tales hit Xbox Game Pass yesterday after months of anticipation, but many players are running into an annoying issue so far. The game is locking up, preventing players from progressing at a certain point in the story.

But don't worry, there's a workaround!

According to users on Reddit and Twitter, the game is freezing during a dialogue section just after the tutorial and where the demo ended. No controller inputs are working, leaving players to stare at the screen with the same text.

Fortunately, a workaround has been found, which publisher Modus Games has shared. While the team works on a permanent fix, users are able to disconnect the controller and reconnect it to continue forward. It's a bit annoying, but luckily doesn't keep you blocked for too long.

That being said, the issue apparently resurfaces later in the game. Many have commented saying it happens during the first boss fight, while others have said they've re-encountered it once arriving at St. Clarity. It's even said to happen outside of dialogue at times, which we imagine can be a huge nuisance.

It may be best to hold off for a more permanent solution for now. While it's a quick fix, the continuous nature of it could affect your experience with the game. Thankfully, the team is hard at work on rectifying these issues, but it's just kind of baffling how such a widespread problem slipped through the cracks.

Have you been checking out Cris Tales on Game Pass? Let us know your experience so far below.

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