Tales of Arise is mere weeks away, so of course, we're learning more and more about the game. It's looking to be the biggest leap for the franchise, and these new trailers delve into tons of new features.

Unlike past Tales games, the latest entry is leaning heavily into providing a ton of side content for you to lose yourself in. This includes a ton of activities such as farming, fishing, cooking, and more. It truly looks as though the new entry is borrowing more traditional RPG elements, and we'll never say no to a cute farming sim either.

Not only that, but a new character trailer for Kisara has dropped. She's described as being “a close-quarter fighter who uses a hammer and shield so she can guard instead of evading”. Judging by the trailer, this is definitely the case, and we can't wait to play as her.

After a huge delay, Tales of Arise is finally arriving on September 10. It's also said to be getting some juicy next-gen enhancements, with two different modes to choose from for either 60fps or full 4K support. We can't wait!

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