ELEX II was randomly announced last month, continuing the cult classic original with a brand new instalment. It sounded pretty ambitious with tighter combat, and of course, Anthem style traversal with jetpacks. The first footage has now emerged, and while it seems a bit rough around the edges, it's looking to be a promising start.

While it may not appear quite as polished as you may expect, it is worth noting the game is still in production and this is more than likely an alpha build. The first game wasn't exactly a AAA experience, but underneath the jank there was something there that worked - for us, anyway.

Anyway, as for the gameplay itself, it focuses heavily on the flying that's new for the sequel, and it seems extremely fluid. The transitions from flight to combat seem smooth and it's looking super responsive. We also get a glimpse at some of the general world design and conversations between characters. With a bit of polish and some tidying up, this is shaping up to be a very good RPG.

We have no idea when ELEX II is arriving other than 'coming soon', but we should be hearing more about the game in the near future. Hopefully it can live up to the weight of its ambitions.

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