You may or may not have heard of ELEX. It kind of came and went when it launched on Xbox One back in 2017, but it gained something of a cult following in the years following its release. It was a bit janky, but there was clearly some ambition in there that just needed nurturing. Fast forward to today and THQ Nordic has announced that developer Piranha Bytes is working on a sequel, adeptly named ELEX II - coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S in the future. No specific release date has been announced as of yet.

The sequel will follow the events of the first game, but pack in some cool new features. The biggest is the inclusion of a jetpack, which will allow you to fly across the map to your heart's content. The signature RPG elements remain, with NPCs who will remember your actions, can be killed to effect the story, and a narrative that holds consequences to your decisions. It's looking to be another ambitious entry, but hopefully it can nail the landing a little better this time around.

ELEX II is the sequel to ELEX, the vintage open-world role-playing experience from the award-winning creators of the Gothic and Risen series, Piranha Bytes. ELEX II returns to the post-apocalyptic Science Fantasy world of Magalan, with massive environments that can be explored with unrivalled freedom via jetpack – you will be able to move through the epic story any way you want!

There's not much more to say at the moment outside of some screenshots and a CGI trailer. The release date just lists the game as "coming soon", so we may hear more from it later this year. Either way, it's another RPG for fans to be excited for and anyone who enjoyed the first game will no doubt be interested by this announcement.

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