The New Xbox Internet Browser Is Rolling Out To More Insiders

There's a lot of excitement and potential surrounding the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge heading to Xbox soon, and it looks like it's gearing up for a public release, as it's just been dished out to more Xbox Insiders.

It was previously only available for members in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, but as of the last couple of days, it's not only been rolled out to Alpha members, but also Beta and Delta members. Only the Omega rings have yet to receive it.

The reason for the excitement about this browser is that it opens up a whole bunch of extra opportunities, such as full keyboard and mouse support, along with the ability to stream Xbox games (and the likes of Stadia) via the cloud.

Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie told a fan back in May that it would be "a couple of months at least" before the browser was made available to everyone, so hopefully its full release is now just around the corner.

Have you had a chance to try the new Xbox internet browser yet? Let us know down in the comments.