The Xbox Series X|S launch title Tetris Effect: Connected will soon be receiving an exciting new feature.

As part of its launch/update on other platforms next month, the existing Xbox versions of the game (including the Microsoft Store release and Game Pass release) will be updated with cross-platform multiplayer.

This will allow players to play with others on PlayStation 4, Steam, the Epic Games Store and Oculus Quest. Here's how it will work, courtesy of a PR:

Furthering the game’s goal of bringing people together in cooperation and competition, the Tetris Effect: Connected update will allow Friend Match players to invite owners of the game on other platforms to all play together, via a simple, shareable four-digit alphanumeric “Room ID” code. (Of course players can also invite others on their same platform directly via that platform’s native invite system as well.)

In addition to breaking down barriers between friends, wherever they might choose to play, cross-platform play will maximize the player base for Ranked Matches, ensuring better matchmaking and more equivalent competition for players at all levels. Display of the Room ID can be disabled for those streaming their matches who wish to keep it private, and all platforms have the option of limiting themselves to players of their same platform. (Note: progress and achievements will not be shared across platforms.)

As noted, players will have the option to limit matchmaking to the same platform, and keep in mind progress and achievements will not carry across over each platform.

This update for Tetris Effect: Connected will drop on 18th August. Will you be checking it out? Leave a comment down below.