Psychonauts 2 will be dropping on Xbox Game Pass at launch on August 25, and ahead of that date, various hands-on previews have gone out today. The good news? The vast majority of them are very positive!

We've rounded up a few of them below, with the likes of IGN, GameSpot, GamesRadar and VentureBeat all having plenty of good things to say about the platformer. Game Informer did criticise the gameplay a little, however.

Here's a quick overview of some of these hands-on previews:


"What I saw while fighting, exploring, and collecting in the four subconscious I played was immensely charming and imaginative. Yes, I do want to talk to paper cutouts and hear what happens when I link thoughts of mushrooms to death. A mix between action, collectible hunting, and even the occasional 2D platforming kept my time with Psychonauts 2 lively too.

I'm looking forward to seeing just how creative the levels get, and more curiously, see what Double Fine is trying to do with Raz's adventure and its heavier play on emotions."


"On the surface, Psychonauts 2 is shaping up to be an engaging, ambitious, honed-in take on colorful 3D platformers. However, the most promising aspect hasn't just been returning to its world, mastering its platforms or combat, but peeling back the layers to see what's beneath it to take a closer look at its characters, the depth of their struggles, fears, and regrets, all of which serve as the foundation and inspiration for the worlds you traverse."


"It's imaginative, intuitive, and very funny, but it's also fearless in its embrace of its subject matter. That's a rare quality to be found in a AAA game, and I can't wait to see if Double Fine can maintain that balance throughout the entire experience."


"I know that it’s been a long wait for fans of the first game, but Psychonauts 2 is looking like it will make those devotees happy. It’s a fun 3D platformer that uses humor and likable characters to offer an experience with a bit more narrative depth than, say, your average Mario game."

Windows Central

Even if I never played the full game, I can say the preview build alone has left a lasting impression on me. Psychonauts 2 is targeting an August 25, 2021 launch date, and I can't wait to find out how deep this psychological rabbit hole goes.

Game Informer

"Visually, the game is fantastic; worlds are a joy to look at. The story is very well-told and acted, and the music is great. From a presentation stand-point, I have little to complain about from my preview. But playing Psychonauts 2, can be tedious at times, or even laborious as I fought with the controls, trying to get it to do what I wanted."

Psychonauts 2 will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Xbox Cloud Gaming when it drops into Xbox Game Pass this August, and don't forget the original game is already included with the service as well.

Liking the sound of Psychonauts 2? Will you be playing it? Let us know in the comments.