If you were keeping track earlier this week, you likely saw that Xbox dropped an insane 90s music video to promote the Xbox All Access program, performed by none other than "90s R&B sensation" All-4-One.

It was brilliant, quickly going viral across the web, and Xbox followed this up by sending out a variety of care packages to influencers containing not only a link to the video, but a whole bunch of extra goodies.

In addition to consoles, controllers and Game Pass subscriptions, the bundles contained a personalised 90s style Xbox jacket, a mock-up CD design for the song, and a personalised message from the band on the CD itself.

Along with sending out these bundles, Xbox also posted a very brief video showing some outtakes from the "It's All There" video shoot featuring All-4-One, featuring a running gag where the band keeps singing the wrong lyrics.

Xbox really has smashed it out of the park with this marketing campaign, with the only downside being that these bundles again appear to be limited to influencers alone, and the general public sadly can't get access to them.

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