Xbox Games Showcase
Image: Xbox

Just a day after we heard how Phil Spencer has put Microsoft's gaming business in a very good place, we've now got some milestones to share about Xbox's E3 broadcast this year.

Coming from the head of Xbox himself, it's been revealed E3 2021 was Xbox's "most viewed" ever. Phil went onto state how him and the team haven't felt so much "energy" since the Xbox 360 era. Here's his full tweet:

"Thank you for a great week, our most viewed E3 ever. We haven’t felt players and the team sharing so much energy and excitement since the 360 era. We’re inspired by the community’s belief in Xbox and we will continue to innovate with players at the center of everything we do."

So, how big exactly was the Xbox conference this year? According to Stream Hatchet, Microsoft pulled in around 2.3 million viewers at its peak. Industry veteran Nintendo led with 3.1 million viewers:

E3 2021 Stream
Image: @StreamHatchet

E3's industry panel also rated Microsoft's presentation the best of the show and gave Forza Horizon 5 the "most anticipated" game award.

If you're still hungry for more, later today Xbox will be streaming an extended showcase featuring conversations with many of its first-party studios.

Did you tune into Microsoft's E3 show this year? How do you feel it compared to the rest? Leave a comment down below.