Former Xbox Chief Officer: Phil Spencer Has Put The Business In A Very Good Place

Various Xbox leaders took part in a reunion panel recently with GamesBeat, including former chief Xbox officer Robbie Bach, former Microsoft Game Studios head Ed Fries, and his successor Shane Kim.

The three former execs shared stories about their time working at Xbox, discussing some of their favourite memories along the way, and concluded the talk by highlighting their praise for the modern-day Xbox brand - specifically what current head of Xbox Phil Spencer has managed to bring to the table over the past few years.

Here's what former chief Xbox officer Robbie Bach had to say about Spencer's vision of Xbox:

"It’s changed quite a bit. Well, let me say it this way. Parts of it, Phil has really solidified some things that we did well, like content. Building the studio, working with content developers. That’s the place where Ed and Shane added so much value, and Phil has gone back and reinvested in that. He’s doing a really good job of that. Some of it is a continuation of some early successes we had.

Microsoft has become more of an enterprise place since we left, and yet gaming is more important there now than it was when we were around. That’s an interesting dynamic. I think Satya looks at Phil and the gaming business as people who are out on the cutting edge of technology. They’re driving new trends and new ideas. Those ideas could come back and help the rest of the company.

Phil deserves a lot of credit for shaping what I think now is a great business for Microsoft. Phil worked with Shane and Ed and learned a lot from them, but I think he’s put the business in a very good place."

Echoing Bach's comments, Shane Kim - who was a major part of the Xbox brand in the 2000s - enthused that Spencer has done a "tremendous" job with the Xbox business, especially considering the poor launch of the Xbox One.

"I hope he doesn’t watch this, because I’m going to say nice things about him, but he’s done a tremendous job with the Xbox business. You have to remember that he took over when the Xbox One did not have a great launch.

Subsequently, we lost that generation by quite a bit, which was very — for me personally, it was very disappointing, and probably for Ed and Robbie as well, since we were there at the start. We’d helped build Xbox 360 to parity with Sony."

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