Xbox Cloud Gaming Users Are Reporting Improved Latency Following Server Upgrade

Xbox Cloud Gaming's upgrade to Series X server blades began earlier this week, and now many users across social media are reporting improved responsiveness in their games, particularly for the browser-based version of xCloud.

On social media, fans have been demonstrating and explaining how the upgrade has helped improve their experience. One Reddit user claimed that the latency "has always been awful" for them, but following the upgrade, they are seeing a vast improvement in results. As demonstrated, they're using a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller to play Gears 5 and the reaction is near instantaneous. Many users in the thread have also echoed these thoughts following the rollout.

Twitter user Klobrille also shared his experience with Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, which is now playable in 120FPS on Xbox Cloud Gaming through the Series X server blades. They added: "The game feels great and [is] much more responsive."

The rollout of Xbox Series X server blades through Xbox Cloud Gaming is a big win for players, although keep in mind that the rollout isn't actually official yet, and not every game supports it for the time being. While Cloud Gaming as a whole is still relatively young compared to the rest of the gaming industry, it feels as though it's moving in the right direction with Project xCloud, and we can't wait to see where Xbox takes it.

Are you an avid Xbox Cloud Gaming player? Have you noticed any improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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