Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Has No Plans To Retire Anytime Soon

It's been pretty much unanimously accepted that Phil Spencer has done a superb job as head of Xbox since taking over in March of 2014, and the only thing that worries us is that one day he'll have to step down from the role!

However, speaking as part of the IGN Unlocked 500 podcast, Spencer highlighted that he's not planning to retire anytime soon, saying he loves the job he's in, while also acknowledging that he won't be there forever.

"This is the job I want, I love this job. I think I've got more to go do, but I also know at some point, somebody else will be in this position... but I feel like I definitely have a lot more to do here, and I have a job that I'm just incredibly inspired by every day."

"It's something that I do love, but at some point there will be another head of Xbox, [and] I hope they're better at this job than I am, I think any leader should aspire to that. What can I do now with the leaders on the team to help give them the experiences so this brand is in a position to be strong for decades to come? I think that's a real responsibility that I have in this role."

The head of Xbox talked about a lot of other topics during the interview, including the infamous Xbox One launch, the potential of releasing special editions of the Xbox Series X and S, and much more, so definitely give it a watch!

In terms of this little comment though, we're just glad to hear that Spencer is still seemingly enjoying his job as much as ever, and we can only hope he's got many years left as the leader of the Xbox brand. Fingers crossed!

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