If you're wondering what's new for Psychonauts 2 (hey, that rhymed!), then Game Informer has wrapped up its exclusive coverage with a quick rundown of what newcomers and old timers can expect.

One of the biggest changes relates to combat. In the original, players would often just punch their way through encounters, but now the psi abilities are getting a lot more focus. As mentioned by creator Tim Schafer, dedicated teams have worked on ensuring the abilities are useful in battle by creating more variety and making them more powerful. You'll also be able to map four abilities to the controller now, as opposed to the original three.

Not only that, but players will be able to customise those abilities in a new way. In the original, upgrades were automatically unlocked as players levelled up through the cadet ranks. Here, a new currency known as Intern Credits will allow you to pick and choose what upgrades you wish to unlock for each psi power. Intern Credits can be earned by helping out fellow Psychonauts, tracking down collectibles, and more.

It seems Double Fine has really worked hard to not only deliver a worthy sequel, but also ensure it feels modernised and adjusted to today's standards. With the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase arriving on June 13, we're pretty hopeful a release date will be confirmed during the show.

Are you happy with the changes to Psychonauts 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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