Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (June 5th)

Welcome to another weekend! There's lots to check out again on Xbox over the next few days, including a couple of new Xbox Game Pass releases highlighted by For Honor, three Warhammer Free Play Days titles, and the usual slate of weekly sales featuring discounts on Battlefield, Tomb Raider and more.

Here's what we’re jumping into over the weekend:

Fraser Gilbert, News Editor

It's the final weekend before E3, and I'm probably going to spend it checking out the brand-new 60FPS performance mode in Watch Dogs: Legion for Xbox Series X. I've had access to that game since launch, but the 30 frames restriction has always put me off a little bit - it'll be great to benefit from a smoother experience.

With Euro 2020 kicking off in real life next week as well, I've been checking out the official mode of the tournament in eFootball PES 2021. It's a pretty good replication of the competition, complete with various stadiums and presentation elements, along with all the official licenses and kits. Plus, it's totally free - even on Game Pass.

That's about it for me. Have a good weekend everyone!

Daniel Hollis, News Reporter

It's the calm before the storm, isn't it? E3 is approaching and I don't know about you, but I've never been more excited for gaming. As for this weekend, I'm going to continue to playthrough Mass Effect Legendary Edition. I've just finished the first game and I'm absolutely ready to play the second now.

Outside of that, my excitement levels for Psychonauts 2 are reaching an astronomically high level - it's ridiculous. As a result, I'm replaying the original Psychonauts via Xbox Game Pass, and oh my, it's beautiful. Despite no widescreen or achievement support, the 4K visuals elevate it more than I could have imagined, making my revisit feel like an entirely new game.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PJ O'Reilly, Freelance Contributor

Hello. This weekend I’m gonna be sampling a few different things on good old Game Pass, mostly Psychonauts and MechWarrior 5. But the main event of the next few days will definitely be exploding heads from super long range in Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2.

I’ve been a big fan of Ghost Warrior for quite some time now - it’s a series that’s steadily improved over time after one or two rough entries starting off - and its mix of stealthy sneaking, close range kills and signature sniping is a refreshingly tactical and involving mash-up that feels a tad more serious than the action found in the Sniper Elite franchise.

Have a good weekend whatever you’re up to or playing and stay safe out there!

What Xbox games are you playing this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below.

What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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