There's no denying that the latest trailer for Starfield was gorgeous. While we didn't perhaps see as much as we wanted, the environments on display gave us a true sense of what to expect from its sci-fi world. With such a pretty trailer, many believed it was rendered using CGI, but one of the game's designers has assured it was all made entirely in-game.

When the trailer was presented, Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard claimed it was all captured in-game, but many still refused to believe it. Now, the game's senior lighting artist Keith Beltramini has shared a post on ArtStation, further confirming it was in fact made all within the game's engine.

Beltramini says he "created the lighting for the 2021 teaser trailer of Starfield", which was created "entirely in game without any cinematic tools". Impressive stuff!

I created the lighting for the 2021 teaser trailer of Starfield. Using our own Creation Engine 2, we created this entirely in game without any cinematic tools. Working closely with director, Istvan Pely, I assisted in art direction for anything lighting and mood related.

Starfield is expected to launch on November 11, 2022, so we're not expecting a full deep dive until closer to the time. But with this being in-game footage, we're pretty excited to see the actual raw gameplay in action. Howard has described it as "Skyrim in space", and if that isn't an exciting prospect, we don't know what is.

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