Image: @POPeART_ on Twitter

It's been a while since we last shared any creations from the ever-popular Xbox Pope on Twitter (these days just known as 'Pope'), but ahead of E3 2021, they've decided to "get the hype train going" with this excellent Halo Xbox Series X.

Unfortunately, this is purely a concept and not a real console, although Pope has contributed to Xbox hardware designs in the past, so there's every chance it could look like this if it were ever to become a reality.

We're now over six months into the Xbox Series X and S generation, and unfortunately we haven't seen any widely available custom console or controller designs thus far, with just very limited versions being given away for the likes of competitions.

It's been hard enough for fans to simply get their hands on the Xbox Series X since launch though, so hopefully as the stock situation picks up, Microsoft can find a way to inject a little more personality into the two brand-new consoles.

Would you be interested in picking up a Halo Xbox Series X? Let us know down in the comments below.

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