Random: We Want To Catch All Of These Pokémon Inspired Xbox Design Lab Controllers
Image: The Pokémon Company

Someone has had a very busy weekend, as they've taken it upon themselves to come up with 20 (!) Xbox Design Lab controllers - all in the style of iconic Pokémon.

One user by the name of mandoo12345 shared their designs on Reddit, and despite having limited range of what you can do through Xbox Design Lab, they managed to put together a pretty impressive selection. While some are perhaps unrecognisable unless displayed next to the Pokémon they're based on, we must say the Charizard, Slowpoke and Ivysaur are particular standouts amongst the batch.

Here are some of our favourites mandoo12345 has created, but be sure to check out the full Reddit thread as well for more inspiration:

Xbox Design Lab returned earlier this month and has been a huge hit - so big that many users were given $10 gift cards after their orders were cancelled due to a system error last week. There have also been a wide range of creative designs floating about, including a replica of an Xbox 360 controller.

We must say, we're really loving these nostalgic throwbacks with Pokémon and the Xbox 360. We'll have to see what other users come up with in the future, but in the meantime, Xbox is working on official custom controllers, too. The newest reveal is a set of three controllers based on Space Jam, which you can bet we'll be picking up next month.

Which is your favourite Pokémon controller out of this batch? Let us know in the comments below.

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