Okay, so this is really, REALLY cool. Somebody has remade every GoldenEye 007 map in Far Cry 5 and they are seriously impressive. In fact, it's probably the closest we'll see to a true remake of the classic title - we're not counting the Daniel Craig one, nor the official remaster which leaked onto the internet earlier this year.

YouTube user Krollywood showcased a range of videos which detailed all 18 maps in Goldeneye, made within Far Cry 5's map editing tools. These perfectly encapsulate the nostalgia of such maps as Archives and Facility, making us feel like we've been transported back to 1997 in front of our Nintendo 64s.

According to Kotaku, "the process has taken roughly 1,400 hours over nearly three years" - that's a ton of dedication. Fans are even embracing them in their own copies of the game (although they only appear to be available on PS4 by searching the username Perfect-Dark1982), so it looks as though all that time and energy has paid off with the incredible feedback from the gaming community.

Seeing this around the same time it was confirmed the map editor won't be returning to Far Cry 6 makes its omission sting just that little bit more. While we lack the creative skill to create something as impressive as this, it's always great to see others build some truly stunning creations. Maybe the community will continue in Far Cry 5...

Are you impressed by these Goldeneye maps remade in Far Cry 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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