Update: The files for the cancelled GoldenEye 2007 remake for Xbox 360 appear to be spreading across the web, as highlighted by VGC and a new Digital Foundry playthrough, which you can watch above.

Please keep in mind that we don't recommend downloading this for yourself (it's obviously not official), and we won't be providing links on how to find the cancelled GoldenEye 007 files on this website.

Original story: After footage of an Xbox 360 remake of GoldenEye 007 surfaced last week in its entirety, it seems more people have managed to get their hands on it. Leaked online, it has allowed players to experience the full game and discover some neat little details, such as the ability to toggle the graphics at any time.

Since its leak, Ars Technica has dived into the emulation under the title of 'Bean', which was also its codename during its Xbox 360 development. Alongside the single player campaign, Goldeneye 007 also contained the split-screen multiplayer, which Ars Technica described as having "refreshed graphics, updated textures, and a locked 60fps refresh".

The leakers are also said to have incorporated other enhancements, such as native 21:9 resolution support. But perhaps the coolest element out of everything is the ability to toggle the graphics from the original to the Xbox 360 at any point - much like Halo: CE Anniversary. Simply by tapping the Xbox controller's right bumper, the graphic art style can easily be changed between the original Nintendo 64 graphics to the Xbox 360 version.

We are still really gutted that this game will never see the light of day, as Goldeneye 007 is a fantastic first person shooter and one of the best licensed titles out there. Maybe one day, if we ask enough, it could happen.

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