Far Cry 5's map editor seems to be blowing up a little bit recently, doesn't it? Maybe it's the news that it won't be returning for Far Cry 6, or perhaps the recent GoldenEye maps have shed some much needed spotlight on just how incredible it is. Either way, the community is strong, and this recent recreation of the popular UK bakery Greggs is the most recent to startle the internet.

Created by YouTube user Mojo Swoptops on the Xbox Series X, their in-game creation of Greggs is so scarily realistic we can almost smell the sausage rolls. Unfortunately, there are some compromises. Baguettes are exchanged for burgers, and there's no sign of any pigeons bravely attempting to enter the store, but it definitely does a great job at replicating the British experience.

This is the same user who created the fantastic Tatooine level in Halo 5 Forge a few months back. Looking through their YouTube channel, there are some absolutely fantastic creations in both Far Cry 5 and Halo 5. Outside of Greggs, they've also created a perfect representation of a Tesco car park in a pandemic. That's joined by some other fantastic inclusions, such as Hyrule Castle from Zelda and The Shire from Lord of the Rings being recreated.

Here are some of our favourite creations:

As you can see, there's clearly some fantastic talent on display here, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. It's a shame Far Cry 6 will be omitting the map editor, as it's clearly a pretty elaborate tool. The ability to create maps such as these is staggering and puts ours to shame, but we would sure love to play them.

Let's just hope this isn't given a cease and desist like the GoldenEye maps.

Got a favourite created map out of the bunch? Let us know in the comments below.

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