Ubisoft's The Division: Heartland Suffers Major Gameplay Leak

Well, Ubisoft won't be very happy about this! It was only last week that the company revealed The Division: Heartland - an upcoming free-to-play title set within The Division's universe - and gameplay has already leaked online.

The footage is rapidly being removed by Ubisoft, which shows 20 full minutes of gameplay from the title, along with a briefing describing exactly what the game is about, and warning participants to abide by the NDA. Oops!

The raw 20-minute gameplay is quickly disappearing, but here's a look at the briefing:



The closed tests have begun for Heartland, then, but the release date is still seemingly quite a ways off, as Ubisoft announced recently it would arrive sometime between 2021 and 2022 for consoles, PC and cloud.

In any case, we're keeping a keen eye on this one!

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