The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Has Been Delayed A Week

If you were hoping to dive into the next-gen version of The Elder Scrolls Online on June 8, you unfortunately will have to wait a little longer, as Bethesda has pushed its launch back a week until June 15.

The company cited its delay as being "an abundance of caution", and to avoid releasing the next-gen update alongside Update 30: Blackwood - which will still release on June 8. The idea is to give both updates their undivided attention, most likely in the event any issues arise. Makes sense!

Players can expect to find the update on Xbox Series X and Series S, which comes with upgraded shadows, textures, draw distance, antialiasing, reflections, depth of field and more when it drops on June 15. Not only that, but a performance mode will also be available to use. The Blackwood expansion is said to add around 30 hours worth of content, so there's plenty for The Elder Scrolls Online players to dive into over the coming weeks.

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