Random: Someone Used Skate 3 To Create A Rube Goldberg Machine
Image: Skate3Tommy on Instagram

It's not very often that we post random user-created videos from games, but this is definitely worth an exception! Skate 3 player Skate3Tommy has taken to the web to share this incredible Rube Goldberg creation.

It shows him using a concrete ball to set off a chain reaction featuring big pipes, dominos and ramps, before the ball finally flips a pipe into the air - and his character meets it with a perfectly timed grind. It's quite something!

Over on Reddit, Skate3Tommy called this "the culmination of 13 years of play and dedication," and commenters shared their appreciation for the trick, pushing it to the top of the Xbox One sub-reddit over the past 24 hours.

If you're impressed and want to try it for yourself (it'll take a lot of patience!), Skate 3 is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as part of EA Play, and it's also on sale this week as part of the Achievement Hunter Sale.

What are your thoughts on this elaborate Skate 3 video? Let us know down in the comments below.