Oops, Xbox's Confidential Review Of The Last Of Us 2 Just Leaked

The ongoing court battle between Epic Games and Apple Inc. has brought out an unlikely review from the Xbox Portfolio Team which was filed this past August, originally intended to remain as an internal Microsoft document.

The review is for Sony's The Last of Us 2, and it reads like any other review you might see in a magazine or on Pure Xbox / Push Square, giving an overview of how the game looks and plays. Ultimately, it's full of praise, with the portfolio team saying they "loved it, had a great time playing it, and find ourselves still thinking about it."

There is one line that is getting all the attention right now though, and it's this:

"Naughty Dog still can't seem to make decent gun combat in any of their games, and this one is no exception."

It's one bit of criticism in an otherwise highly positive review, then, and the team even goes on to say the gunplay "fits with the game's overall theme and pushes the player towards using stealth over head-on."

We don't know how the internal Xbox Portfolio Team works and who it's made up of, but obviously these aren't the thoughts of the likes of Phil Spencer and other execs! Still, this review is an interesting peek behind the curtain.

What do you make of Xbox's review of The Last of Us 2? Let us know down in the comments below.

[source courtlistener.com, via pushsquare.com]