Two Point Campus Has Leaked Onto The Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store strikes again! This time in the form of Two Point Campus - a new simulation game from the team behind the brilliant Two Point Hospital.

Its listing has appeared before we've even had word the game exists. The new take on Two Point Studios' iconic gameplay is under the guise of operating a university campus. Here you'll use "new creative tools to help you build the university of your dreams".

A comical spin has been put on the proceedings, as students take a wide range of unusual courses, ranging from Knight School to learn jousting, to Gastronomy, where students will create mouth watering concoctions. It sounds pretty nuts and what we should come to expect after Two Point Hospital.

Build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus, the follow up management sim with a twist from the creators of Two Point Hospital. Get to know your students, explore their personalities and fulfill their wants and needs. Craft buildings, choose courses, hire the best staff and build an academic institution to stand the test of time.

There's no word on a release date, but we're heading into the E3 season, as announcements come thick and fast. We expect to see a reveal at any point now, but it looks as though unlike Two Point Hospital, the next entry will be a simultaneous release on consoles.

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