Microsoft Won't Be Updating Revenue Split For Console Publishers

Following the news that Microsoft would be slashing the revenue it takes on PC games, a leaked document from the upcoming Epic Games and Apple case has circulated this weekend which claimed the same would potentially be done with Xbox titles. However, this doesn't appear to be the case, as Microsoft has confirmed in a statement that it is not changing the revenue split with console publishers.

The leaked document from January 2021 titled Microsoft Store Policies & App Store Principles went into detail over the revenue share on the Microsoft Store on one slide. Here it was shown that PC games would be changing from 30% to 12% revenue for Microsoft, which was confirmed earlier this week, but more interestingly, games on consoles also had the same figure. This would mean publishers' revenues would boost from 70% to 88%.

But it seems Microsoft has flipped its plans from what the leaked document states, as a spokesperson told The Verge that the company "will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers". Originally, Microsoft told the publication that it had "no plans" to do so, but later provided a more definitive statement.

“We will not be updating the revenue split for console publishers."

Another interesting caveat the leaked document details is in regards to the PC revenue split. It seems publishers who agree to the 88% share on their titles will do so "in exchange for the grant of streaming rights to Microsoft". This sounds as though if publishers agree, the game can then be used as part of Xbox Cloud Gaming.

This leaked document could be expanded on even further this week, as according to The Verge, Vice President of Xbox business development, Lori Wright, will be brought forward in the Epic Games and Apple case as a third-party witness for both companies. As a result, some of the details of this leaked document may be probed even further.

It would be arguably huge for the industry if Microsoft did take this stance on its console games. While the change to PC titles may encourage publishers to move over from Steam or the Epic Games Store, the benefits of console gaming could be massive. Both Sony and Nintendo would have to act accordingly to entice publishers to their own platforms, so if this does come to light one day, the results would be very interesting.

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