Xbox Cloud Gaming has begun rolling out for both PC and iOS, but you'll need to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member AND be invited to try it out. If you're still waiting and are eager to see how it runs, then luckily some early adopters have shared their experience with the service.

Unlike the Android version of it, both PC and iOS operate through a browser rather than a dedicated app. YouTuber Brad Sams has uploaded a video which perfectly demonstrates how Cloud Gaming runs through a browser on PC.

The walkthrough details the entire UI experience, as well as testing multiple games such as Minecraft Dungeons and Gears 5. Sams has even shared some streaming statistics if you're interested to see how taxing it will be on PC. It looks as though it runs pretty smoothly, with little to no input lag and great visual quality.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is slowly making its way to more platforms, and Xbox boss Phil Spencer has reiterated that a console version is still in the works. If you thought you'd seen every device imaginable to play Xbox games on, then you'll be shocked to know someone even managed to get it running in a Tesla. It seems play anywhere has no bounds.

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