Hold Up, Is A Crysis 2 Remaster Being Teased?

It seems like only yesterday we got Crysis Remastered, and when it launched, there were substantial issues. But here we are months later, problems have been fixed and we even have an Xbox Series X version to sink our teeth into. With the team putting the game behind them now, a recent tease suggests they may be working on a remastered version of the sequel.

A recent tweet from the official social channel has shared an image from Crysis 2, looking suspiciously better than its original 2011 release. To tease even further, the account has simply accompanied the image with the eyes emoji, suggesting they're hinting towards a remaster.

As expected the comments are filled with fans in excitement over the possibility. If the sequel being remastered is true, we hope it launches in a much better state than the first game. With E3 around the corner and Summer Game Fest, no doubt we'll hear more on it within the coming weeks.

Would you like to see Crysis 2 remastered? Let us know in the comments below.

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