There's A Huge Amount Of Fixes And Changes Coming To Biomutant
Image: Experiment 101

The reception to Biomutant has been divisive to say the least. Some players love it, some hate it - there's no denying people have some passionate opinions on the game. The criticisms being made are thankfully being heard by developer Experiment 101, which has plans to support the game through updates.

In a recent tweet, the developer unveiled plans for an upcoming patch that will address "changes based on community feedback", along with a variety of bug fixes. The intentions are ambitious, with practically every common complaint seemingly being addressed.

According to the team, the elements they are currently working on include the "pacing of dialogues, narrator settings, difficulty settings, video settings like depth of field and motion blur, loot and enemy tuning, as well as sound and combat." That's a pretty substantial amount of changes on the horizon. It's said that the update should roll out for PC players first, with consoles coming after.

There were a lot of ambitious ideas in Biomutant, but unfortunately we found they weighed the game down far more than they should have. It felt like no idea was rejected and the end result is an often messy game with moments of brilliance. We're not sure whether any patches could fix some of the issues we had, as they feel hardwired into its main frame, but we'll be sure to give it a try. There's also an Xbox Series X|S upgrade coming in the future, which again, we'll be very interested to try out.

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