As if Xbox Game Pass wasn't accessible enough, it's been revealed that Amazon Alexa is getting integration with the service to make it an even easier experience, launching initially in the US with further rollouts in the near future.

According to The Verge, users will be able to use an Alexa applicable device connected to their Xbox to download games - no matter where they are. By simply asking Alexa to download a certain title, Game Pass members can have their games downloaded without having to lift a finger. Additionally, the implementation also allows users to ask Alexa what new titles have been added to Xbox Game Pass, or what will be leaving the service in the near future.

This comes after an Amazon Alexa app quietly appeared on Xbox last month, which added an array of support on the system. Not only that, but you can also use it to power your console on and off. Seems like using your Xbox is going to get easier and easier with added support such as this.

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