Alexa For Xbox App Quietly Appears On The Microsoft Store
Image: Microsoft Store

Amazon Alexa support has been available on the Xbox for a while now, but a brand new app has appeared and seems to be introducing a selection of new features.

The application has been spotted on the Microsoft Store by known leaker WalkingCat. Under the name Alexa for Xbox, the store listing delves into a few details about the Alexa app, and what Xbox users will be able to do with it installed.

Xbox has had minimal Alexa support previously, but the new app seems to add a selection of new features, such as being able to show you your shopping list on screen, or play your favourite songs via Xbox. Obviously you will also need an Alexa device to use with the app.

It‘s a new way Xbox can be integrated into your home entertainment system and be used on a daily basis. Alexa can be quite a nifty feature to have on your Xbox, as one user demonstrated perfectly last year, when they used it to quickly boot up their console and dive into DOOM Eternal.

Will you be using Amazon Alexa on Xbox? Let us know in the comments below.

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